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bullet H[AWC]K
31 Jul : 12:41
How Linux is Built (3min youtube video): link
bullet Stryder
27 Jul : 07:27
Thanks all..:)
bullet H[AWC]K
26 Jul : 17:53
64... w00t! HB Stryder :)
bullet Sp!T_Shine
26 Jul : 08:20
Happy Birthday Stryder!
bullet H[AWC]K
25 Jul : 16:59
hmm, drop by for a cup o' coffee and I'll show you ;) Think of a TC container as a private/encrypted hidey-hole to store your files... like a thumb-drive -- no one can get to the information on/in the container until the passphrase is entered and the device/container/etc. is mounted. adamasdf may be able to explain it better. It works great for me.
bullet Storm
25 Jul : 15:42
way over my head ---------->>>>>>>>>>>>
bullet H[AWC]K
25 Jul : 10:29
I don't use it the way you may think. I create a truecrypt container that is = to the max size allowed for the free service. Then I copy the container to the cloud. I need to start TC and mount the container everytime I want to use it. Some services have a 'max' file size, in those cases my container size goes to what the max is that is allowed.
bullet Storm
24 Jul : 13:11
i am not sure i understand. i do know you are a private person and worry about information floating about. why would you want to store file on line? that much to be free worries me and i am ignorant to the facts of the "cloud" or any online storage service.
bullet H[AWC]K
23 Jul : 14:47
Ever wonder whom has the largest FREE online file storage available? How about 1000GB/1TB? Yep, that's a HUGE dumping spot. If you are interested, click here: link
bullet H[AWC]K
23 Jul : 11:08
...or browse yourself and see what is available: link
While this focuses on a single distro, there are tons of distros to choose from. After using several, my favorites are either Mint or Ubuntu -- they both get their roots from Debian. And several have 'live' CD/DVD ISO's that allow you to boot from your CD/DVD drive and try it out without installing anything. So you can do this and never have to worry about affecting your Windows install; at least until you make that decision to go with Linux full-time.

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