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bullet Sp!T_Shine
27 Nov : 08:06
bullet Monopolist
24 Nov : 22:45
Oh, COD4 Christmas server? Wow that would be fun!
bullet Sp!T_Shine
24 Nov : 17:55
Congrats Hawke!
bullet H[AWC]K
23 Nov : 16:56
Ding. Finally made level 50 in CoD:AW
bullet gomi
20 Nov : 17:29
Lol, I dont think so Spitsky, I just thought it might be nice to spend a little time over the holidays playing a bit of cod4. I am currently sooo busy with work. Working 7 day weeks currently and struggling to keep up with commitments. Its a good thing I guess, but getting tired. :)
bullet Sp!T_Shine
19 Nov : 17:24
Hey Gomi were you thinking of getting back into gaming at all? That would be my motivation to get back into Cod4 and such. Miss gaming with the Gomi-kniver!
bullet the punisher
17 Nov : 22:01
actually, the main question should be why old Cod games still cost 20$ on Steam lol
bullet [AWC]GR1T
17 Nov : 16:39
COD4 on Steam is still $20. What's up with that?!?!
bullet Sp!T_Shine
17 Nov : 04:48
I wish I had time. That Christmas server is awesome. I just couldn't commit much time at all. Working like crazy and the little bit of gaming time I get I have been playing like half hour each on multiple games. I can't find my COD4 hard disk anywhere so I would have to buy Cod4 again and then rank up to prestige all over again. I might pick up the game again sometime soon.
bullet gomi
16 Nov : 09:11
is anyone interested in running a COD 4 Christmas server with our skins etc for the month on December ?

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