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bullet H[AWC]K
23 Jul : 14:47
Ever wonder whom has the largest FREE online file storage available? How about 1000GB/1TB? Yep, that's a HUGE dumping spot. If you are interested, click here: link
bullet H[AWC]K
23 Jul : 11:08
...or browse yourself and see what is available: link
While this focuses on a single distro, there are tons of distros to choose from. After using several, my favorites are either Mint or Ubuntu -- they both get their roots from Debian. And several have 'live' CD/DVD ISO's that allow you to boot from your CD/DVD drive and try it out without installing anything. So you can do this and never have to worry about affecting your Windows install; at least until you make that decision to go with Linux full-time.
bullet H[AWC]K
23 Jul : 11:01
...continued from below.
And you really are not forced to spend $$ on anything (unless you want to show support by doing so). Example for Linux OR Windows: link
Great software, linux repo's will offer almost anything you may need no-charge. It appeals to me, I like the model, and the openess (I can see and manipulate the source code) cannot be found in proprietary software.
bullet H[AWC]K
23 Jul : 10:51
Hi Storm, I've been wanting to do this for years but just played with it. Determination got the best of me and I stepped full-time into Linux knowing full well that I would be restricted in the amount of gaming I'd be able to do... that was the ONLY sticking point for me and why I haven't done this sooner. I want control over my system, finer-grain control that you cannot get in a Windows/closed-system. I can damned-near do anything in a unix/linux environment... even compile my own kernel (which I've only done once).
bullet Storm
22 Jul : 16:23
So Hawk Why did you do that?
bullet adamasdf
20 Jul : 20:11
Been gone for a few days, ok maybe weeks, but I come back to here that part of the family is joining for some of us our other family:) Don't worry Storm, Tiffany will be back before you know it. Just send her lots of mail, but no goodies! :) She will only be receiving the best training the US has to offer, if that is of any condolence as well :)
bullet H[AWC]K
20 Jul : 14:35
Also helpful if interested in Ubuntu; going directly to the source is always good: link
bullet H[AWC]K
20 Jul : 14:10
I've found that the easiest way to try Linux is probably Ubuntu (I like Mint also). I've created a link that will help you get started with Ubuntu if you are interested: link
bullet H[AWC]K
20 Jul : 11:08
All -- I dropped Windows; gave it the boot for good. I am now running Linux 100% so if you see me in game (in a Windows game) then it ain't me... my son may login once in awhile.

The games I have loaded up under Steam for Linux are: Dota 2 (actuall pretty fun), LFD2, and Interstellar Marines. Will post more if/when I but them.
bullet H[AWC]K
20 Jul : 11:06
Maybe we could all write and show our support for her as I don't think she is allowed phone calls for awhile? I'm proud as heck for her!

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