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bullet J1gSaw
04 May : 03:54
Happy Birthday Jester!!
bullet BOHICA
18 Apr : 10:50
Thanks everybody :). Last night was like an early birthday gift with the reunion in TS. It was nice catching up with y'all.
bullet Sp!T_Shine
18 Apr : 09:45
Happy Birthday BO!!
bullet Storm
18 Apr : 09:38
Happy Birthday BO! Great time last night... great chatting with you guys as always Great laughs.
bullet J1gSaw
18 Apr : 04:46
OH MY GOODNESS!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BO!!!! I wish you MANY more!! Hmmmm almost 50!! Get ready to get know your doctor a little better!!! ROFLMAO Happpy Birthday my brother!!
bullet J1gSaw
18 Apr : 04:44
GREAT NIGHT LAST NIGHT!!!! Stormy, Bo and I we playing The Crew (of course they both helped me again!!! ) and Spit and Hawke joined us in Team Speak!!! What a GREAT night!!
bullet J1gSaw
17 Apr : 02:44
Thanks brother!!
bullet Sp!T_Shine
16 Apr : 17:11
Hawke says "HI" to everyone. He told me to tell everyone to feel free to re-add him on steam friends list. He had to take everyone off and start fresh. His steam profile link is here link Just click on that and then hit add friend. Im sure he would like to get some of you peeps back on his friends list. If that doesn't work then you can find his name on my steam profile friends list.
bullet BOHICA
14 Apr : 18:43
Anytime Jiggy :)
bullet Sp!T_Shine
14 Apr : 15:24
Yes, TY Stormy! =)

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