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bullet BOHICA
17 Apr : 10:27
Rabbit is a friend I met a few years back when I was over at GA. Nice to hear you will be joining us soon. I hope you like the game. If I remember correctly, you did get a taste of it during the beta release.
bullet H[AWC]K
17 Apr : 10:19
Who is Rabbit? Anyway... glad to see you all are getting some time in together. Looks like (next payday) I'll be getting TitanFall. About another week and you should see me joining you all :)
bullet BOHICA
16 Apr : 09:27
Spitty, I wasn't surprised at Snoop Dog since they used Ice Cube in Black Ops quite a bit.
bullet BOHICA
16 Apr : 09:16
Me, Storm, Grump, Weapon and Rabbit have been playing Titanfall almost every night. We start late and end even later and are enjoying the teamspeak while we play.
bullet H[AWC]K
16 Apr : 07:44
Laptop is back. Total of 9 days (turnaround). Not bad I'd say. Everything seems to work pretty well. Actually impressed that it only took a total of 9 days. What are most of us playing...?
bullet BOHICA
15 Apr : 21:56
Snoops the man. :)
bullet Sp!T_Shine
15 Apr : 16:57
Are you fu**ing kidding me? LMAO link
bullet Sp!T_Shine
13 Apr : 15:31
Soon I will have some pics. =)
bullet BOHICA
12 Apr : 23:38
i asked the same :)
bullet Storm
12 Apr : 16:34
i wanna see pictures!!!

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