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bullet H[AWC]K
21 Aug : 06:44
Yep, I see it now. Thanks Bo. Will have to wait until I get back home because that section 'Teamspeak3' is blocked/denied due to the place I work considers it 'content categorization games'
bullet BOHICA
20 Aug : 21:09
the IP is listed to the left here in the teamspeak viewer
bullet H[AWC]K
20 Aug : 15:10
I'll need to re-install TS. Where is the info posted for the IP:PORT? Ack, I'll need someone to assign admin to me once I get in also, I think.
bullet Storm
19 Aug : 16:28
Hey ya guys. I have met a few guys in Titanfall. Some are military served over seas. Sixgun99. Nice guys. He ask if they could barrow TS for a week till they get their own. If you get a chance hop in and say HI.
bullet Storm
19 Aug : 15:34
no i sure dont hawck
bullet H[AWC]K
19 Aug : 13:29
Storm: Going to load up Titanfall this evening. Do you use Skype?
bullet Storm
18 Aug : 12:09
Well Great Hawk I have been playing Titanfall, Borderland2, and yes yes wait for it Left For Dead 2... LOL
bullet H[AWC]K
17 Aug : 13:22
link The game of thrones, foss style
bullet H[AWC]K
16 Aug : 16:27
...for diversion I am installing WoW
bullet H[AWC]K
16 Aug : 12:20
Stormy - I reinstalled Win8.1 to a spare location/drive which means I can now reload the games and shoot 'em up again. Which game are most interested in as a Guild right now? Is it Titanfall still?

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